As the Internet space changes rapidly, there are many more competitors. To stay competitive, it is vital to keep up with the latest search engine updates.

SEO: Why is Google so important?

Statistics show that Google searches are preferred by 57.6% in Belarus. This audience is mainly young, which is the most profitable segment for online businesses now and in the future.
Google results are faster than other search engines when you promote in Google. The search results show new pages as soon as they are indexed. SEO specialists can quickly get promoted to Google and assess the effectiveness of his work and any edits made to the site.
An important nuance! It is more difficult to keep high Google positions than other searches if you can get there faster. The database is constantly updated. Your site may slide down the rankings if your competitors become active.

Therefore, it is essential to understand and master how to build a website and rank factors related to your site.

Google’s top-ranking factors for 2021
These parameters will be relevant in 2021, but they also apply to earlier years. Mobile devices were given a particular emphasis. The only problem is that there is more competition and the requirements are becoming stricter. If you want to be at the top of your industry, you must focus on quality and meet all customer requirements.

Content length. To determine the content required for a task, copywriters must analyze the TOP. Take into account that the TOP-3 Google SERPs has a higher content volume than the TOP-20. The content volume for short and long keywords will also differ. For long ones – 20% more. Takeaway: More content is better if you have a higher search frequency. We recommend that you pay special attention to sites that are newer than others when analyzing competitor websites. What? Understanding the reasons and criteria for reaching a particular result is crucial. They are fixed and implemented in projects during the revision of the project structure.
Keyword in the Title. Keywords in the Title are absent from 18% of domains that cater to high-frequency queries and 45% of those parts that cater to low-frequency inquiries. The search robot tracks the position of keywords on a page. It is best to position them at the top of your page. Make sure you include the Alt attribute in your pictures.
HTTPS protocol. Since the beginning of HTTPS implementation, it has been a continuous process. In 2019, SEO at Google must ensure that all websites are secure and use a secure protocol. HTTPS will make it impossible to reach the TOP in 2021.
Bounce rate. It is essential to understand how Google ranks websites. Only resources with low bounce rates get to the top. You need to be able to trust users and use behavioral factors. It is worth it:
Only create relevant content
Increase website loading speed
A visit to multiple pages on a website after visiting it via Google can indicate trust.

Nearly 92% of the population uses mobile devices for accessing the Internet. The majority of purchases are made through a smartphone. Smartphones are becoming more popular, and people tend to ignore their browsers. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay more attention in 2021 to the mobile site and adaptive mobile advertising.

Pay close attention to the zero position within the search results. These are blocks of the SERP that provide short answers to queries. You will need to improve your content to get into this block.

You can write quickly and understandably without water.
You can use a lot of 5–10 items lists
Create text in question-answer format
Use the words “what” or “how.”
You can increase the credibility of your company and improve conversion rates by getting into the zero-position blocks.

SEMrush experts conducted a study to determine the importance of different factors in ranking websites on Google.

Current recommendations for the development and maintenance of the site by 2021
Site content should be unique, well-structured, and highly valuable. Texts should address users’ concerns and address their questions. Google considers content created by people relevant only.
Compare your content to the competition. Google prefers clear, concise articles that are both relevant and long-lasting.
Use link mass. This is still true. To get your site promoted, you will need backlinks.
If you don’t have HTTPS, switch to it.
Optimize your website’s loading speed to less than 3 seconds. This will increase click-through rates and decrease bounce rates.
The local search is also essential. Google My Business allows you to get information about the country, the city, and even individual districts. Search results help users find the closest area to them.