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How to get backlinks (only quick and simple strategies)

You want to increase the number of backlinks to your website. Your search engine rankings will be improved if you have backlinks.

It is one of the top-ranking factors for Google. You have a better chance of being ranked higher if you can obtain high-quality backlinks for your website.

This article will show you how to get backlinks with simple strategies quickly. You’ll be able to find unique methods for linking building by the end of this article.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks occur when another website links to your site. These are also called external links or inbound links.

Let’s suppose that Site XYZ uses your web page as an external hyperlink in one of its articles. You will receive a backlink from site XYZ.

You may now wonder, “Why are backlinks so important?”

For SEO (search engine optimization), backlinks are precious. Backlinks are a vote for confidence in your website and the content you create.

According to OptinMonster, sites with more backlinks rank higher in Google.

It sends a positive signal that many websites are linking to your site. This shows the search engine that your content is valuable and link-worthy. The search engine will also improve your website’s visibility and rankings in search results.

This is a clear indication that link building is essential for your website. How do you build backlinks to your site?


How to Get Backlinks

Here are 15 easy strategies to help you get backlinks. Let’s get started.


  1. Get Backlink Opportunities from Top Referral Sources


Start by looking at top referral sources for your website. These websites link to your content and offer you a backlink.

You can discover which websites link to your site and what type of content they like. This will allow you to find new opportunities to create backlinks and create similar content.

There are many options for viewing your referral sources. MonsterInsights is the best way to view your referral sources. It is the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. You can access different reports from your WordPress dashboard.

Insights will show you your top referral sources. Click on Reports to see them. The overview will be the first report that you’ll see. Scroll down to view the Top 10 Referral Sources.


  1. To form partnerships, use outbound links


You can also look at your outbound link report to find backlink opportunities. You can send an outreach email to form a partnership if you have a solid link to a website with high authority and send much traffic.

MonsterInsights makes it easy to view your top outbound linking sites. Install the plugin, then navigate Insights >> reports >> publishers to access the Top Outbound Links report.

This report will reveal which external links have received the most clicks on your website. Send an email to these sites and establish a connection. You can tell them about your post and why you found it helpful.

Let them know that you are looking for a partnership and might be interested in collaborating on content, such as a case study. If they are open to the idea, you could get backlinks for free and traffic, and a relationship with a leading industry website.


  1. Google Search Console Reports for Backlinks


Google Search Console will also assist you in obtaining backlinks to your website. Google’s free tool provides incredible data that can be used to improve your rankings.

The External Links Report is one of them. These are sites that have been linked to your site recently. You can look through these backlinks to see which content they like and why they gave you a link.

They will have already linked to your domain before and may be familiar with your site so that they could offer another backlink. You need to find relevant sites and contact them with the content.


  1. Our guide to Google Search Console can help you double your traffic.


Have you ever wondered where your competitors get their backlinks? What is their content strategy? It would help if you kept up-to-date with industry news by looking at what other people are doing.

You can look at their top-performing content, organic keywords, and social media activities to ethically spy on your competition.

You can use SEO tools such as SEMrush to find backlinks. You can view the complete backlink profile for any website that you visit. You can view your competitor’s backlinks by going to Backlink Analytics in the left panel.

Click Next, click on Check it. Next, click on Backlinks to see a list with domains where your competitor got its links.

These sources can be used to create a backlink for your website. You can publish content on guest posting websites if you have a link from your competitor.

If they have a hyperlink from a forum, you can create a profile and get a backlink.

You can also sign up for their email newsletters or set up Google Alerts to stay ahead. You’ll be notified immediately when they post new content or are featured on another website.


  1. To build backlinks, find broken links


You can also check out broken links of your competitors while you are looking at them. Broken link building is another fast and simple way to capture backlinks.

Broken links refer to links that are no longer working or exist on a website. Broken links can be caused by a website that removed them (also known as 404 error) or by a URL that is not correct.

This is an excellent opportunity to obtain a backlink, regardless of the reason. You need to find broken links and contact the website to have the link replaced. Then pitch your site to be the replacement. It’s easy!

You can start by looking at your competitors, then look for websites within your niche. You can then use tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush to find broken links.

You can filter the Backlinks report for your competitor in SEMrush. Check the box for Lost under the Backlinks options. This will display links that no longer work.

If Ahrefs is used, enter the URL of the website in the site Explorer. Next, click Broken under the Backlinks menu to the left. This tool will display all broken links for your competitor.

Once you have a list with broken links, contact the webmaster to report the broken link.

Be humble when preparing your pitch. You want to help them, so make sure you include the exact location.

Mention other alternatives, such as your website, for the broken link. You might get a backlink from the webmaster.


  1. Make high-quality content that is link-worthy


The best way to get backlinks is to create top-quality content. It would help if you aimed to create content that industry professionals and bloggers can use to link to your site.

Although it can be time-consuming, this strategy is well worth it. You can create many types of content. You can create many types of content: how-to articles, guides, lists, posts, quizzes, etc.

If you have a blog about fashion, you could create a post on starting a fashion business with $100. A list post can be made about 50 fashion trends that will transform society.

How do you decide which type of content will work best?

MonsterInsights can be used to gain insights. To start, you can view the top landing pages report to determine which pages receive the most traffic. Next, create similar content to drive backlinks and traffic.

You can also drill down further to determine which type of post works best.

MonsterInsights makes it easy. You can view the report right from your dashboard. Go to Insights >> reports and choose Dimensions at the top. Scroll down to the Most Popular Post Types Report.

The report shows that recipes and guides are the most popular post types. This report will give you an idea of the type of content that you should produce and promote to gain backlinks.


  1. You can create a skyscraper of content to generate backlinks. These guides are detailed guides that cover a variety of topics. They can be as long or as long as 10,000 words.


Skyscraper content means writing a post that is comprehensive and better than others. This will allow you to attract other sites that link to your post and create many backlinks.

Start by searching Google for topics in your niche. Take a close look at the results. These are pages that have many backlinks and make it to the top page on Google.

If you are writing about content marketing, search the search results. Next, go through each link’s content and create a post that is 10X better.

Now it’s time to promote your skyscraper content. You have many options for promoting your skyscraper content.

You can first reach out to all the influencers, companies, and tools mentioned in your content. Let them know that you found their helpful platform. If they like the article, they will share it with their followers.

Your skyscraper guide will be shared widely, and other people will begin to take notice. You’ll also get backlinks.

You can also promote your post by looking for sites backlinked to other posts and then pitching your content.

You can use SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush to do this. Enter the URLs of the top 10 results, and the tool will extract a list of websites with backlinks to the original post.

Next, use the list to reach these websites and promote your skyscraper content. Explain to them why your post is superior and ask them to link to your post.

Check out these other content marketing examples.


  1. Infographics can be used to capture backlinks


Infographics can be used to create backlinks to your website in addition to written text.

Infographics can be used to visually represent data and information by using images, charts, and graphics. These visual representations provide a quick overview and help to break down complicated concepts into easy-to-understand visuals.

WPBeginner is an example. The infographic contains over 700 backlinks.

You are helping other content creators by creating informative and engaging infographics. You might be featured on their blog and given a backlink to your original infographic creator.

You don’t have to be a professional designer or hire one to create an infographic. To create an infographic yourself, you can use a variety of free online tools. To get started, check out this guide to the best visual content creator tools.


  1. Write Testimonials


Did you know that testimonials posted on other websites can be used to get backlinks for your site?

Many companies look for testimonials as proof of their social responsibility. These testimonials are often displayed on the homepage.

If you are a regular user or a customer of a tool, you may be able to write a testimonial and receive a backlink. Submit a testimonial to companies relevant to your industry.

Pro Tip: Search for websites with high domain authority (DA). Search engines consider high-quality backlinks from sites with high DA to be high quality.


  1. Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO).


When we talk about high-quality backlinks, getting links from news sites and journalistic blogs can be like hitting the jackpot. These websites are highly trusted and have high domain authority. Getting featured on them will increase your site’s trust.

Help a Reporter Out is the best way to obtain a backlink from news sources. It is a platform that connects journalists and bloggers to news sources and other stories.

Sign up to HARO from the homepage. Next, choose a pricing plan. You can also use the primary method for free to get started.

After signing up, you will start receiving emails from HARO containing requests for quotes, advice, tips, and stories from various news and media sites.

Answer the questions that relate to your business. If your answer is picked up, you will receive a backlink on the news site.


  1. Start Guest Blogging


Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks to your site, and it is well-proven. Reach out to other sites accepting guest blogs and send a post.

Many websites have a contributor account or a section called “write for us,” where anyone can submit an article to be featured on the site. You can even link to your site in the author bio or the text of the article.

Google can be used to search for guest blogging sites. Type the keyword you are interested in and then add a guest article, write for us, or contribute to the end. After filtering the search results, the search engine will show only sites that allow guest posting.

Next, create a pitch for the topic and a description of the content you will cover in your article. Be sure to describe the benefits and how they will benefit their readers.

Guest blogging allows you to target the right audience and drive traffic to your site. Learn more about guest blogging by reading the Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging.


  1. Participate in interviews


Participating in interviews can help you get backlinks, just like guest posts. Search the internet for interview sites, and you can find them.

Ask me is a great place to begin. Ask me anything. me is a website that allows you to answer questions about any topic in real-time. You can also include a link to your site in your bio.

HARO is another way to get an interview. Keep an eye out for questions related to your industry, and ask for a quote or consultation.


  1. Do Podcasts Allow Guest Appearances


If you are a guest on one of the podcasts, you can receive a backlink free of charge from the podcast notes.

You can also search podcasts using the same method as interviews.

Send them an email letting them know that you are interested in being a guest on their podcast. Include your experience, your qualifications, and what you can contribute to the podcast.

You’ll build a following once you begin appearing on several podcasts. If you create your podcast, you can leverage the new audience.

Our guide to the best WordPress podcast plugins is available here.


  1. Participate in different forums


Forums are a great way to get backlinks for your site. Participating in various forums can help you become an industry expert, which will drive traffic to your website.

Google is a great search engine to help you find the right forums for you. You can use any variation to find the right forums for your niche.

* [your niche] + forums

* Forums + [your niche]

* [your niche] + discussion

Quora also allows you to respond to various questions. You can answer questions on a variety of topics using this question-and-answer platform. You can enter a search term in Quora to see all inquiries about the subject.

You can also look at the forums of your competitors to find out how they are doing it. You can also spy on your competitors to locate backlinks, as we mentioned earlier. You can use different SEO tools to see what forums they used for backlinks, and then you can do it yourself.


  1. Our last strategy is to help you find resource pages where you can list your website. The author creates resource pages by compiling helpful resources and linking to different products and services.


If you are looking for resource pages, you can request a backlink. Contact the site owner or author to get your site listed on their list.

Enter your keyword and search terms such as helpful resources or resource lists to find a resource site. Once you have found resources lists, contact the webmaster and pitch your site.

Personalize your emails by including the links to your website in your messages. Show how your website/tool adds value to their resource pages and helps their readers.

That’s all!

Now you know how to get a high-quality link for your website. You can improve your search engine rankings by increasing the number and quality of your inbound links.

We hope that you enjoyed our article about how to get backlinks using simple strategies. Check out our guide to why Google Analytics is important for businesses right now.

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