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Does search engine optimization make sense? Can we go back to a time when the Internet was writing for humans, not machines? How would you react if you could go back 100 years and say that people will write to read machines in the future? You may be wondering how people should load paper into another device for it to work. You think so. A conversation with someone 50 years ago can cause the same confusion. You might think that you are talking about computer code, but that is not what you mean.

If you can go back 25 years and say that people who write in plain English like today will better understand how to write on a computer, that is still pretty new, but it has already begun. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to find your site when search engines are effective. So far, search engine optimization has many potentials, but there are also drawbacks. Did you know that every news article from almost any news source sounds the same? Of course, some of them have slightly different political twists, but they are all nearly tasteless and lackluster. If you read articles from three news sources that tell the same undoubtedly cryptic story, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them. Of course, if everyone is reporting the same facts, and if you believe that Murray Gell-Mann’s memory effect and the like are involved, they should, but essential is that these articles all sound the same. We are not your target audience. We have been working at Google for a long time. Search engine optimization adds multiple keywords to various labels in HTML documents and the actual content.

Let’s say you want to write something like Dilbert’s principle. If you want people looking for such articles to rank first in search results, you will need to use the term “Dilbert’s Principle” several times in a paragraph, but that’s not all. I want people to look for something similar to Dilbert’s principle. It is a good idea to use the term “putter principle” several times. Also, I need to get the message across, so I need to mention Scott Adams more than once. viability. “I’ve tried several times to catch people looking for Dilbert, but the Dilbert Principle has nothing to do with the comics other than the title, so please share. Search engine. If you’re focusing on optimization, you’re interested in it, and I’d love to know more about getting computers to think about your work and how well people read it. If I knew, my article on Dilbert’s principle would be even worse. I came to this page because I love writing and of course I’m very good at it. A few years before the launch of this site, I thought it would be interesting to use it in a standalone location. Not fiber that hires qualified clients directly, but websites that ask for articles or explanations, provide jobs for the poor. The soul will receive it. I’ve seen assignments that usually require 250 words, but I have to use one term ten times and another 3-5 times. This is a relatively easy task, but one should bear in mind that it is not. You don’t get paid if your followers don’t like your posts, but of course, everyone should.

I have never worked on any of these sites because there is no point in spending $ 2 on this shit. However, even if you might read something exciting and search engine optimized, you should also consider the possibility that your optimization will pay off. Let’s say you’re writing a news article about a Ford F150 Lightning or Windows 11. When that happens, hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people report the same thing. To put it simply, let’s say there are thousands of articles on the Internet on the same topic that you want to promote. According to a Google report, only about 1% of users visit the second page of search results, appearing on the first page. How many links are there? B.10 on the front page? However, if all thousands of people are doing the same SEO job, optimization’s chances of success are only 1%.

All other factors should be ignored. Everyone knows that Google prefers some sites over others. It is impossible to publish anything from any .xyz domain you do not own unless you are the only one talking about it. For a website like mine, my homepage says search engine optimization is a waste of time. Of course, if you don’t care about search engine optimization, how can you grow your audience? Social media is one way to do this. But you know what he got from me. And while I’m more optimistic about social media, I don’t want to be a conspirator there. Do not do this. When I watch what I write, I tremble. I didn’t start this site to make money to attract more viewers, so I didn’t do anything. I will post 80 posts here before creating the donation link. But that was only a few weeks ago. I started getting Monero. Instead, I started this site with a creative premise, and for anyone looking to create a similar site, this is also their primary goal. This site is not working. Of course, when you launch a website to make money, you approach it with a completely different strategy. I think I was also invited to this site, but I have never been there. Anyway, I’m slowly getting too far off-topic.

Several sci-fi novels are hinting at a future in which my machines will drive people. We live in the future. Devices serve the videos we watch, the messages we see on social media are sent to us by machines, and machines collect the articles we read. A good friend of mine is little known and makes money on TickTock. Its fame was achieved effortlessly but ended up with a minor engine. I am not celebrating this future. I genuinely believe that people should avoid the practice of search engine optimization and strive to be a hidden gem, not just rock at the top. Rather than trying to please our machines and convince us of our work’s value, we must persuade them to preserve, weigh, and recognize quality. Yes, we try to please our car. I can’t win. It won’t be long before someone gets our job, but once we know what other people value, there will be no substitute for us.